Recovering Charles


Recovering Charles Book Club Discussion Questions


1. At the heart of Recovering Charles is Luke’s relationship with his father. Discuss Luke’s relationship with Charlie before his trip to New Orleans and after. What were the major turning points of the relationship? How did it change over time?

2. Luke also has complicated relationships with the mother figures in the book. How does the memory of his mother affect Luke’s relationship with Jezebel?

3. Charlie was sure that Luke would have a “love at first sight” experience just as he had with his wife. Discuss Luke’s relationship with Jordan and with Bela. How are they different? How are they the same? Do you agree with Charlie that “love at first sight” is possible?

4. One of the major themes of the book is that life can always have a second verse. What are some of the second chances Luke is offered? Charlie? Jezebel? Discuss some personal examples of times when you have been given a second chance. Why is it important to give those around us second chances?

5. Sometimes growth requires heartache and pain. How can we find joy during tragedy?

6. Music was an integral part of Charlie’s life, both before moving to New Orleans and after. Discuss the healing power of music. Are there specific songs that carry special meaning for you?

7. How does Luke’s profession as a photographer come into play during his experience in New Orleans?

8. Charlie called them premonitions; Luke called them dreams. Is there a difference between them? How did Charlie’s premonitions influence his behavior and beliefs?  Do you feel they dictated his actions in any way?

9. Hurricane Katrina and the resulting floods destroyed much of New Orleans. Discuss the ways in which the New Orleans community worked together to survive such a terrible, large-scale disaster. How did the personal community around Luke help him during his intimate and personal tragedy?

10. Why is it so important to say good-bye?

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    September 16, 2008