Recovering Charles


Love Me if You Can

Love Me if You Can
written by Cherie Call
©2008 Mendonhouse Music (ASCAP)
performed by Paul Jacobsen
produced by Scott Wiley

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Note from singer/songwriter Cherie Call:

I was already a huge fan of Jason Wright's books when I met him for the first time at an airport on a layover to a convention where we were both scheduled to be presenters. So much of a fan that I had to make a conscious effort to not act nerdy and describe how I cried like a little baby when I read the Christmas Jars, even though I'm not really a big crier.

You know the drill. I was pretty sure he heard that sort of thing every day. So, I smiled, shook his hand, introduced myself and tried to casually say that I thought his books were pretty cool. As we became acquainted, he mentioned in passing that his latest book had a character in it named Charles who was supposed to write a song. Jason just needed a real songwriter to help with a song that could go with the book. The more I heard about the story, I just knew that I needed to write this song. Jason's vivid descriptions of the relationships in this book really hit home for me in such a personal way.

I knew there might be any number of famous and talented songwriters and artists he could choose from for this project, but after the convention was over, I really felt inspired to write. I sat down with the free Marriott notepad and pen at the hotel room desk, and I started writing the song, "Love Me if You Can".

Even though this song is written from the point of view of a fictional character, as I wrote, I thought about the times in my own life when I wished I could close up a gap or patch up a complicated situation between myself and someone I loved. I hate to admit that it wasn't very hard for me to imagine what someone in that situation would want to say.

The next day on the plane ride home I wrote some more. A couple of days later I recorded a rough demo in my basement and e-mailed the mp3 to Jason. I was thrilled to hear that Jason liked the song, and over the next several weeks I got to know Charles even better as e-mails came to my inbox with more excerpts of Jason's great story. I did my best to really make this Charles' song.

It seemed obvious that when it came time to record, the singer should be a guy. I knew right away that Paul Jacobsen was the perfect voice for this song. Paul is a gifted songwriter himself, and I was thrilled that he'd lend his cool sounding vocal cords to this tune. The whole writing and recording process was just genuinely fun.

I know it sounds clichť, but in a way I kind of feel like I was just the scribe for a song that belongs to so many other people, both fictional and real. I hope when you hear it you can hear Charles, a little bit of his son, Luke, and maybe even a little of yourself in there.

I know you'll love Recovering Charles, if you haven't already discovered it, read it, and loved it. I hope that hearing this song can add a new dimension to the story and bring to life the scribbled words, notes, and chords you see at the end of the book.

And maybe you can write a second verse of your own.

  • "Love Me if You Can"
    Music and lyrics by Cherie Call

    Tonight I tried to write the perfect song of love
    But all the words I sang were blue
    Because Iíve tried and Iíve tried to win you over
    And Iíve done the best I can do
    So we may never be together
    But my heart is in your hands
    And if you ever think about me in your long-lost dreams
    Love me if you can

    I know that youíve moved on, itís what you had to do
    I never had the chance to say good-bye
    Itís on my list of all the things I never said
    It goes on for pages and it keeps me up at night
    And my heart is missing pieces
    That only you could understand

    So if you ever think about it in your long-lost dreams
    Love me if you can
    So this song I sing is a little sad
    And itís unrehearsed
    I just hope you hear that this broken life
    Has had a second verse

    íCause in those days gone by, I tried to build you castles
    And maybe they just turned to sand
    But if you can only love who you wished I could have been
    I wish you knew itís finally who I am
    I remember how you needed me
    And I know yesterday will never come again
    But if you feel me reaching for you in your long- lost dreams
    Love me if you can
  • Recovering Charles


    September 16, 2008